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Holy Cross Office of Religious Education


The Office of Religious Education is dedicated to assisting parents, the primary educators of their children, in the nurturing and development of their children’s faith.  We are committed to instructing our students in the teachings of the Catholic Church and to strengthen and deepen their beliefs and practices.


We have classes for children whose families are members of the parish of Holy Cross, grade levels first through eighth.  The children receive their first Eucharist in the second grade/level and Confirmation in the eighth grade/level. 


In keeping with the guidelines established by the Diocese of Trenton, students are required to attend religious education classes continuously from the first through eighth grade.  Faith Formation takes place in developmental sequences and skipping years does not allow for adequate faith formation.  Children who miss a grade level or more will be required to make-up those formation years.

To be prepared to receive the sacraments children must attend religious education classes continuously from first grade through eighth grade.  Formation to receive the sacrament of Eucharist is a two-year program that begins in the first grade level. Having completed religious education classes grades one through six, students are ready to enter their formation to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, a two-year program that begins with the seventh grade level.

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Mass & Class
It is the parents’ right and role to pass their faith on to their children and a serious commitment to faith formation is required from all parents and children.   It is expected that all children enrolled in our religious education program and their family attend Mass every week.  It is virtually impossible to expect a religious education program to succeed if the central act of worship is ignored.  Coming together in community to worship at Mass, as well as coming into the classroom community to learn are two key elements necessary for faith formation.

Religion Education Classes are NOT a substitute for Mass.

Our Religious Education Program incorporates into our curriculum at all levels, a method of catechesis that brings together the classroom lesson and the Sunday Mass experience.  Each week time is dedicated to listening to the Gospel, and reflecting on the “Good News” through discussion.  This time also provides an opportunity for the class to share their worship experience.

The core concepts covered in our program are as follows:

Grade 1: God and Creator
Grade 2: The sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist
Grade 3: The Church and Holy Spirit
Grade 4: Ten Commandments and Beatitudes
Grade 5: Sacraments and Worship
Grade 6: The Old Testament
Grade 7: Preparation for Confirmation – Jesus Christ
Grade 8: Preparation for Confirmation – The Church

Catholic Family Life
The focus of the Diocesan Catholic Family Life curriculum integrates child safety education into a holistic approach to Catholic family life education.  The Catholic Church is committed to presenting skills and virtues for Catholic family living as well as providing children with the tools they need to protect themselves form those who might harm them.  In addition to classroom lessons focused on virtue and morality, once a year students receive a lesson in family life and safe environment form a qualified teacher. Materials are available for parents to review. Parents may also choose to decline their child’s participation in the program if they wish.


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For families new to our program, additional information or questions, please call the Office of Religious Education.

Mrs. Sallie Kabash, Coordinator: 732-842-0348, ext. 1131
Mrs. Eileen George, Secretary: 732-842-0348, ext. 1132 or ext. 1133









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